goes hand in hand with axis tms dashboards

driver app built for trucking


scan and fax documents

Driver can scan a document at the end of an order and upload it directly to the Document Inbox. This then auto-compiles the paperwork on to the invoice. The driver has a fax option as well, this will send the document as if you were on a fax machine.

get directions

Drivers have the ability to select Get Directions on each stop of the Axis TMS Pro Driver App. Once the Get Directions button is clicked, the app will automatically launch Smart Truck Route GPS Navigation instead of on-board maps such as Google Maps or iOS Maps.

make requests

Driver’s can make multiple requests from the mobile app. Each request is sent to the Dispatch Dashboard notifying personnel on the driver’s requests.

receive order offers

Driver’s can receive order offers as they are sent over from the Dispatch Department. A driver can either accept or decline the order offer. Whatever decision the driver makes, the Dispatch Personnel can see the status on the Pending Order page. When accepted, the order will become assigned to the driver and convert into a running order.

easy home page

Simple design on the home screen allowing the driver to view active orders, order offers along with 6 buttons to perform a variety of actions: Communicator (2-way), Make Requests, ELD Application, Update Status, Scan Documents and Search for Loads.


Drivers are able to communicate instantly with web personnel, vise-versa. This is a simple chat function designed for quick communication between dispatch, management, safety personnel and drivers.

on stops

Driver’s can be required to take signatures from shippers or receivers if the settings are set from the web dashboards. This will require the driver to obtain a signature, first and last name.

update stops

A driver can check-in and out from stops, this instantly updates customers and dispatch personnel. Driver can input qty, pieces, weight, POD and much more!

load search

Driver’s can search over 150,000 orders posted daily from current GPS position! Upon selecting an order a driver can notify dispatch personnel on web end to take the order.

driver logbook

Launch the Axis TMS Logbook App or if you already have an ELD Provider, by enabling the provider, it will launch your providers app instead from within the Axis TMS Driver App.

Optional: Requires ELD License


Driver can request reimbursement for transactions and await approval from management.

request time off

Request time off for specific date span and await approval from management