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dispatch & order management

assign or offer orders

Setup pending shipments and schedule orders to dispatch to a truck automatically with Auto Dispatch option.

project orders

Running a dedicated lane? No problem. Create the lane, and let the system start creating the orders as scheduled in your pending order queue.

copy & split orders

Copy from previous order and quickly create 10, 20, 100 orders by a click of a button. Split orders into multiple child orders.


Driver app will auto check in when detected in geo-fence parameters.

shipment notes

Send a mass email to your company staff based upon departments or send an email directly to your customer. All notes are stored within each shipment log for date, time and by whom the note was placed.

maps and routes

Find out how long a trip will take and all of your costs. Need to find nearby truck stops? Enable the POI feature and find truck stops, fuel, parking and more!

web communicator

Chat from the web dashboard with co-workers and driver mobile app.

auto text on dispatch

Automated on demand driver push notifications and text messages. Text stop data, auto text/push notification on dispatch, order offer texts/push notifications and text map quotes from the map.

weather alert (add-on)

Weather Alerts will keep you informed while the shipment is in progress on the possible bad weather to your drivers’ destination. This will automatically pop up on your Shipment Monitor, under ETA data.

speed alert (add-on)

Speed Limit Alerts will keep you informed while the shipment is in progress on possible speeding beyond limits. This will automatically pop up on your Shipment Monitor.

traffic alert (add-on)

Traffic Alerts will keep you informed while the shipment is in progress on possible traffic delays. This will automatically pop up on your Shipment Monitor, under ETA data.

event viewer

View order events from truck assignment. See order event details like mileage to each stop, scheduled date / time and actual date / time per stop.


shipment monitor

Real-time shipment status from the road to your shipment monitor. Receive real-time status updates such as arrivals, delays, on-route on time and scheduled.

alert and text on dispatch

ASSIGN to driver

Assign or Offer orders to your drivers. Prior to assignment, get locations, next availability, current status and estimated costs per truck. Drivers will receive push notification and text message. Acceptance of orders will be sent to Driver App.

3rd party application integrated

plug n' play integration

edi / api integrations

Have a custom integration requirement? Not a problem, we will work with all 3rd party capable integrations to make your life easier!

fuel cards

We have partnered with many fuel card providers to bring you automated fuel / cash advance synchronization.


Stay in compliance with the new ELD mandate. Save money for the long run by setting up your ELD devices through us. We can also integrate your current provider as well.


Run MVR and Background checks by a click of a button. Results come within minutes to your task alert dashboard. (This is available for additional cost)

driver app

Monitor your active orders and view live status updates such as if Delayed, On Route On Time, Arrived or if Scheduled. Also see ETA’s, notes and location position.

view truck next availability

Know where your trucks are going to be with status updates from the road such as if Available Empty, Available Unhooked, Covered, Double Covered or if Out of Service.

shipment groups

Shipment groups are designed to filter shipment workflow throughout the Shipment Monitor Pro. You can also add a shipment group to an employee profile.

auto assign later

Assign an order now and schedule to be assigned to a driver at a later time.

custom charges

Do you have recurring charges for a particular customer? Not a problem. Set the custom charges in the customer profile and when you create an order you can use the custom charges.

bar code scanning

The Axis TMS Pro Driver App has the capability to scan QR and bar codes into each order.


Agents only see Trucks assigned to them with no visibility on other fleet trucks. Agents also have the capability to create orders, customers and once the order has been completed it is handed over to the billing department.

team drivers

Add Team Drivers for your Truck. Assign one order to the team, both drivers will receive the assignment on each mobile app. Payroll will create individual paychecks based upon compensation settings.

View Profits

Driver’s can input fuel data and scan receipts manually as well as synchronize with fuel provider. Your choice. This automatically rolls into your IFTA as well.

temperature control

Input Temperature Control data on the pickup stop so the Driver is aware of cargo temperature.

e-signatures on delivery

Drivers can request signatures from as proof of delivery. Signature automatically uploads to your invoice and bill of lading.

fax integrated

Automatic Fax is integrated for previous employment, driver mobile app scanned documents and on sending over signed confirmations to your customers.

real-time truck map

instant updates

Auto tracks driver second by second. Updates with live shipment progress and also sends notifications to customer(s). Tracking algorithm has primary and secondary capability (in-cab hardware vs smartphone).

no equipment required.

driver mobile app

We’ve made a huge effort to automate the shipment update process. The driver app goes hand in hand with the Axis TMS Pro platform. All updates are transmitted to your dashboard and customer email - as quick as 2 to 5 second GPS location interval, shipment notes, shipment check-in/out, bill of lading data (pieces, qty, weight) and high-quality document scanning.

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