Do we offer driver tracking?

Yes, our Pro App updates your driver location every 1 to 5 seconds automatically, this requires your driver to install Axis TMS Pro on their phones and log in at least one time. (Phone must be turned on, and app running in background)

When making load updates will our customers be notified with updates?

Yes, every time you update your shipment your customers will also receive an email reflecting the update made per shipment. (Requires customer email to be added to order)

Can you change shipment data after it has been created?

Yes, once creating a shipment you can go into order view and make your changes. (Once changes are made you have the option to text driver the changes you made, resend pickup / drop off information)

Is there staff restrictions?

Each department has limitations and are based on department duty’s. For example, the billing department would have billing features while dispatch would not have this feature.

How can we tell the driver app is off?

It can be identified in Truck Monitor Live page of the Truck under current location shows Not Available.

If the driver turns off his App, how will he appear on the map and will he appear on the map?

If the app is turned off, you will notice that the truck is not moving and addresses are not moving via Truck Monitor Live. This is an indicator of no socket communication with our 1 to 3-second pings.

How long are we obligated to hold the customers' data after they terminate their contract?

After 90 days we purge customer data. Please read the billing policy/terms and conditions for further details. 

How safe from hacking? What systems does it use?

We use military grade 256-bit SSL Encryption; our backend is designed for IP Address’s that are based on team’s authorized location only.

How safe is the data from loss (wiped out? what kind of back-up system?)

We have an hourly, daily and monthly back up system in place. We also have a primary and secondary server for any disaster type situations with a minimum of 30 seconds to 5 minutes downtime. The secondary server is powerful as the primary and will take immediate effect upon a failover detection or loss of the servers heartbeat.