Broker Features

Not just a bid board – complete broker platform

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$124.99 /month

Plus $1.00 Bid Network Order Post Fee

  • Includes everything from broker features below.
  • Technical Support Included (9 am to 5 pm EST M-F)

There is no contract. Add-on(s) subscription(s) sold separately. $49.99 One Time Setup Fee. Month to month subscription. 

You must have an Active Broker Authority to subscribe with Axis TMS Broker. Brokers are subject to a minimum one time Broker Setup Fee. Broker must have $75,000 on file and minimum of 2 years in business.

Live ETA statuses with Shipment Monitor

Monitor your active orders and receive live status updates from the road such as if Delayed, On Route On Time, Arrived or if Scheduled. Also see ETA’s, notes and location data.

Assign, Offer or Post for Bid

Assign, Offer or Post to bid network orders. View your partner carrier trucks on the map and see live statuses. Drivers will be able to accept order offers on the pro driver app.

Create Invoices & Billing

Create Invoices and send to Customer or Factoring. Our billing auto compiles Mobile App Document Scans and Confirmations from Partner Carriers. Save as PDF or Save multiple into one PDF Batch. Mail, Fax or Email invoices.

Map & Routing

Pick a nearby carrier driver, enter in each stop. Run the quote and find how long the trip will take and approximate costs. Send the quote to the driver by a click of a button.

Fuel data synced with

Weekly automatic fuel surcharge national average updates will be applied throughout the system directly from

Trucking optimized miles

Our miles are optimized strictly for practical truck use. We have partnered with PC Miler and a license is automatically included with your subscription free of charge. Rest assured all miles are calculated correctly.

Partner Connect

Search for carriers in the Axis TMS Pro network. If you become a partner with the carrier – you will automatically be able to see their trucks planned trips and availability in Carrier Monitor.

View profits and costs

View costs associated per order and profits. Input costs within shipment monitor to keep track for payroll and overall order cost summary.

See carrier truck availability with Carrier Monitor

Know where your partner carrier trucks are going to be with status updates from the road such as if Available Empty, Available Unhooked, Covered, Double Covered or if Out of Service.

Shipment Bid Network

Post orders on shipment bid network for carriers to bid. See ETA and truck location prior to awarding the shipment. Upon order award, it will be automatically synchronized with the carrier – stop updates, GPS location, notes etc.

Auto task alerts to keep you on top of your game

The system will automatically alert you on truck break downs, driver requests, driver expiry items and to stay in compliance or to avoid your trucks going out of service. Each department and employee will be alerted according to relevance of task.

Copy / Split Orders

Copy from previous order and quickly create 10, 20, 100 orders by a click of a button. Unassign and assign a new truck/trailer to an order to continue where last driver left off.

Evolve to the top logistics brokerage platform in 2017

We have integrated all the necessary tools that you will need to run your logistics brokerage smoothly

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See Carrier Trucks Live on Map

View your partner carrier trucks on the map live! See everything in real-time as the trucks move.

Order Match to Available Truck

Post an Order and Run Order Match to Match Trucks to your Order.

Offer or Assign Orders Directly to Carriers

See partner carrier costs and truck location. Offer orders directly to driver app and carrier at same time!

Post Orders With Visibility to +1,000 Carriers

When you post your orders for bid, Axis TMS Pro Carriers will be alerted that a new shipment has been posted and is available for bid. We don’t stop just there, your shipment will also be blasted to various load boards with over 1,000+ carrier visbility across the country!

Custom EDI Solutions Capable

Automating brokers with EDI transaction codes.

Add Notes, Amount and Order Details

When posting to the bid network, you can add flat rate amount or no amount and important shipment details.